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In the world, low self-esteem, heartbreak, and feelings of inadequacy have finally caught the attention of researchers worldwide. We say finally because our professional experiences in working with young people repeatedly show that nothing hits young individuals as hard as heartbreak and low self-esteem. Studies also indicate that heartbreak is worse for newer generations, a consequence of digital development. It’s clear.

The love arena of the digital age even has its own language. Phenomena like ghosting, orbiting, submarining, etc., reveal a culture where our presence and courage to show vulnerability are in crisis.”

“Research on having a broken heart!”

Both domestically and abroad, heartbreak has triggered fatal consequences, with studies showing that heartbreak is the leading cause of self-harm and suicide in countries such as New Zealand, the USA, and India. In Denmark, emergency rooms sounded the alarm 5-7 years ago because young individuals were flooding emergency rooms with heartbreak-related issues.

The economic costs, both public and private, are staggering. Heartbreak as a life crisis is a costly burden for all societies, impacting sick leaves, our concentration and performance, and subsequent consequences related to our mental and emotional health.

Research on heartbreak has even led scientists to venture into clinical approaches, inventing a pill that was supposed to cure heartbreak. But is that really the path we should take? Heartbreak holds precious lessons about the self, our self-awareness, our needs, and love languages.

Research confirms this as well. Courage is crucial, as with courage, heartbreak becomes the momentum that initiates and accelerates an existential maturation and formation we wouldn’t want to be without.

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