LOLA & The GANG Practices

“Your own mindset program in your pocket.”

“The virtual universe of SELFSHE.”

“The app is a wildly virtual universe that boosts our visual abilities. In the app, you encounter various female characters – power women developed by co-founder and designer, Tina Casmose, who breaks with the static and ordinary like no other.

The entire virtual universe is a bold and provocative challenge to the clinical and negative approach to the statistics we have access to regarding female entrepreneurship. Why do we have so few entrepreneurial women at the forefront of boards and in leadership positions? With a mission to create more presence and heart-courage, we protest against predictability. The SELFSHE universe is a celebration of feminine energies and the diversity among women, not an absence of men in leadership positions.

When you are in the midst of grief, lacking confidence, and vulnerability, you need guidance the most – a roadmap, preferably daily and concrete, rather than being overwhelmed with tips and tricks.

Social media and digital tools are filled with mindfulness practices, especially meditations, affirmations, and other tools. They are delivered in a limited form but with abundance, tempting your curiosity and desperation to pay hefty sums for the programs that can guide you through your grief and helplessness.”

“Designed to guide you!”

“The SELFSHE universe provides you with a comprehensive pragmatic guide, where you receive 2-3 practices daily. The program lasts up to 6 months and is divided into focused categories, consisting of 15 areas. We cultivate exercises that delve into your Self-love, Self-awareness, Self-concept, Self-belief, and many more. Under each focus area, you are guided by SELFSHE characters, whom we’ve called: Lola & The Gang.

The main track of the app is designed as a training program, offering a variety of documented practices where we focus on specific areas, similar to a workout program targeting different stretches and muscle areas.

The SELFSHE universe is filled with focused meditations and affirmations that aim to nurture your sense of self-worth and inspire you to shift focus. Additionally, there is an entire universe of BRAVE science that provides insights into what research says. Knowledge, after all, influences our will. Last but not least, there is a whole community ready to welcome you on social media. It’s a safe space where we write and talk together, and once a month, the team goes LIVE, sometimes with a guest.”

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