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Tina Casmose has a successful and international career as a Haute Couture designer with her own brand. With 11 wholesale markets around the world, she has designed clothing for celebrities on Hollywood’s red carpet while leading the way and demonstrating her uncompromising fight for a sustainable textile industry at a time when it wasn’t popular. Since then, Tina has worked to create sustainable movements and solutions, even when it comes to our dietary habits. She recently released a cookbook where she inspires with her plant-based lifestyle through artistic expressions.

Behind the scenes, Tina has explored and practiced various cultures, their spiritual practices, and lifestyles, which have also inspired Western thinkers. She has sat with everyone from Sri Lankan and Japanese monks who trained her in the art of meditation, to Christian monks who taught her about diet and food habits combined with our spiritual connection to the nature around us, to being taught and trained by Western world pioneers, Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay, whose voices initiated the entire mindfulness wave. With many years of experience as a lifestyle coach and trained by the best of the best, she has combined all her skills and developed her own methodical approach. As a coach, she has supported everyone from vulnerable youth to the top of the elite in various industries.



Mildred Alividza Samula is Personal Brand Developer, born in Kenya and based in Copenhagen. with her multicultural background, blends vibrant colors and minimalism to create styles that deeply connect with each individual. She focuses on fashion’s transformative power to help clients embrace their unique identities. Mildred believes in the inherent uniqueness of every individual. Her tailored consulting approach honors and celebrates the authentic beauty within each person. By recognizing and embracing these distinct qualities, she aims to: Enhance Personal Expression: Illuminate each person’s unique qualities. Promote Authenticity: Highlight and celebrate individual characteristics. Improve Connections: Foster better communication and deeper relationships.

Henrik Busch is the network pioneer. His career has traversed the most successful leadership positions, with his success reflected in numerous board roles and his sharp ability to think in strategic solutions. Henrik is a passionate advocate for gender equality in the workplace and a huge inspiration in the realm of mental and emotional health in the workplace. He epitomizes courage, a man who breaks the toughest taboos and leads by example with his own experiences. Henrik has been with us from the beginning and is the leader in our team who develops, scales, and creates connections.

Last but not least, we have been fortunate to have Tom Engly on the Advisory board. Tom is arguably the most recognized and high-profile individual in IT security in Denmark. His expertise in cybersecurity is unparalleled, and it is a significant acknowledgment for SELFSHE that Tom has been with us from the beginning, providing advice and support.

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